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Favorite pronunciations

We are happy to announce that one of the highest demanded features has just been launched: Favorite pronunciations . In every pronunciation you will see an " Add to favorites " link to start your favorites list, your hard to pronounce...

December 27, 2010

Top 10 pronunciations of 2010

We want our list too! These are the pronunciations that you have listened more times in 2010. 1. Eyjafjallajökull 2. Julian Assange 3. Sláinte 4. Vuvuzela 5. Gnocchi 6. Justin Bieber 7. Taoiseach...

December 21, 2010

Even more languages

Here we go with a new bunch of translations released: Persian , Catalan , Romanian , Korean , Slovak , Thai and Polish . This is how it looks Forvo in Korean. Impressive!! We are currently working on Bulgarian , Norwegian ,...

November 30, 2010

Forvo wins Best Web 2.0 prize

Yesterday we received the Best Web 2.0 prize at the annual competition . There are two reasons that make this prize really special. First, Forvo is a global website, with little relevance locally, so getting this prize in...

November 11, 2010

Forvo iPhone App questions

We have received great feedback about our recently released iPhone App , but there are also some user with doubts about it. First, I would like to thank to all the people who are downloading the app because it's a big support for keeping Forvo...

October 20, 2010

Forvo in Silicon Valley

The last few weeks have been very interesting for Forvo. During our visit to San Francisco and the Bay Area we have been lucky to meet great friends, colleagues and entrepreneurs. We also enjoy the standard tourist highlights :) We would like to...

September 27, 2010

5 more languages translated

It happened weeks ago but we haven't had time to mention here yet. Greek , Japanese , Ukrainian , Finnish and Hungarian translations of Forvo are completed. We are working on 10 more languages to release before the end of 2010,...

August 5, 2010

Look ma! We have t-shirts!

Thanks to our good friends at Lasai for these great t-shirts. We are making plans so you can get one too.

June 29, 2010

Forvo iPhone app

Our first iPhone app is available at the Apple iTunes Store. The initial release contains "only" pronunciations in English (almost 60,000 at this moment) but we plan to add all the languages you can find in Forvo very soon. The app is...

June 24, 2010

Amazing new tools

The first half of 2010 we've been very busy consolidating Forvo's infrastructure. Now we are ready to release a bunch of amazing tools for you. Last week we announced Forvo Translate , now it's time for more: - Forvo API : More...

June 14, 2010

Forvo Translate

I have to admit that Forvo Translate started as a joke... Could we do a Translation service better than Google's? The answer was yes. And we did it :) Using Forvo's API , we've added to Google Translate the only this is wrong...

June 7, 2010

Forvo meetups this summer

This summer part of the Forvo team will be visiting Los Angeles and San Francisco to establish partnerships with other tech companies, entrepreneurs and geeks ;) We have also planned the first Forvo users meetup in the area. If you want to...

May 20, 2010

Languages of the world in a map

An amazing project developed by Linguamon - Casa de les Llengües.  "In what country are the most languages spoken? How many languages are spoken in Germany ? Where is Swahili an official language? How many dialects of...

May 4, 2010

More languages translated: Danish, Hungarian and Hindi

Three new languages available to browse Forvo, Danish, Hungarian and Hindi. The editors who have made this possible are Olfine , Detheltsort , Frankie , Komal_K , so thanks to them . Maybe you think that we are only releasing new languages...

April 15, 2010

Top pronunciations in Japanese

1. Kawaii 2. arigato gozaimasu 3. hajimemashite 4. itadakimasu 5. Hiroshima 6. Subaru 7. konnichiwa 8. aishiteru 9. doraemon 10. Nigiri-zushi

April 6, 2010

Dutch released

New languages come in pairs. We mentioned German in our latest post but also Dutch was released. It was an awesome piece of work from more than 20 people that joined their effors to complete these translations. Thanks! These are the...

April 2, 2010